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Save time by typing the first few letters of each part of the name, e.g. quer agr (instead of Quercus agrifolia)

Q: How do I search for plants on your website?

A: If you know the botanical or common name of the plant, you can search by typing the name into the search bar. You may type in the entire name or just a few letters of each word.

If you know the item number or SKU, you can type that into the search bar.

To search by plant type, go to the Plant Catalog page and select the appropriate category. All plants of that type will display in the results.

You can search plants alphabetically on the Plant Catalog page by selecting the first letter of the plant's botanical name.

You can refine your search further if you are looking for a specific form such as standard tree, multi trunk, espaliered form, etc. For example, you can type in Camellia ESP to display all espaliered form camellias. Here are some other form abbreviations:

  • STD - standard tree form, single trunk
  • MULTI - multi stem
  • ESP - espaliered form, trained on a trellis
  • PT - patio tree
  • STK - staked form, mainly for vines or certain shrubs
  • BUSH - bush form
  • CP FLAT - cell pack flat