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Quercus lobata
Valley Oak, California White Oak

A very large deciduous tree with a vase-shaped to rounded form. Branches are arching, spreading, contorted and twisting. Bark becomes checked, fissured and dark gray with age. Dark green leaves are leathery and oval with deep, rounded lobes. Foliage turns yellow in fall. Inconspicuous female flowers and male catkins yield acorns. Native to valleys of California. Provides habitat and food for numerous animal species.

USDA zones: 5 - 10
Sunset zones: 3b - 9, 11 - 24
Mature size: 60 - 80 feet high and wide
Light needs: full sun
Water needs: little to moderate water

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1 reviews for this product. Login to place a review.
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Majestic White Oak
Reviewed by Hawaiian Guy
Reviewed on 04/18/2022


Quite a beautiful tree, fire resistant, wildlife supporting, drought tollerant and highly Sudden Oak Death resistant. Survives and thives well if planted in a new lawn. Beautiful foliage, and form as age sets in. Fast growing when watered regularly till established. Great shade tree that attracts birds.

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